Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blurb Photography.Book.Now event in NYC

Just finished up the load out of nearly 600 books from the Tribeca Rooftop in NYC, the remains of Blurb's Photography.Book.Now awards ceremony and meet-up last night. In the printing business we very seldom get to meet the authors of the amazing titles that we produce on a daily basis worldwide and having a large group of our best together for a night to celebrate the fine art of ink on paper was pretty amazing.

It wasn't just the books, which were fabulous. Or the venue, which was superb, showing the best of what New York is all about. It was the intangible vibe thing that was what I'll remember. Print-on-demand technology along with cool software and inspired marketing has created a community of folks that have unleashed their creativity and admiration for one another that just could not have existed before Blurb (shameless plug).

We had attendees from around the world, many of whom came to New York specifically to attend our event, which really drove home the scope of what we have created. Maybe all those folks up at the UN this week should get together and make a book? Couldn't hurt.

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idina said...

Thanks for posting this week and last. I agree with your comments about trade shows needing to acclimate. PMI and CHA are two excellent 4 day shows. CHA-Summer (held in Orlando late July) added a consumer day to increase ROI for exhibitors that was a great success. I've attended 50+ trade/consumer shows over the last 18 years and have seen significant decline in attendance since 2006. CHA opened up their annual show in 2005 to include a designers space for connecting freelance artists with vendors and every year since, exhibits/attendees for this area has doubled. I think this opening up to the wider community would benefit other industry trade shows such as PMI and Book Expo America (New Media Zone at BE was an excellent idea).