Monday, February 27, 2012

Price List Reportedly Shows iPad 3 Pricing

A price sheet leaked to a Chinese microblogging site reportedly shows pricing for the iPad 3. If the sheet is in any way legitimate, Apple intends to bring the iPad 3 to market with a slightly higher price of up to US$80 more per unit than the iPad 2, especially considering the marked increase in display resolution on the device that many expect.

Clear Vision For The Print Industry--Second annual Vision 3 Summit exceeds expectations

The second annual Vision 3 Summit convened in Marco Island, FL, on Sunday, February 19 and ran through Wednesday, February 22. The conference, which addresses the interests and concerns of commercial printers, is produced jointly by NPES, NAPL, and Printing Industries of America. The theme for this year’s conference was “Focus Your Vision on Transformation and Growth.” 

Adobe Touts Digital Publishing Momentum

At the Mobile World Congress, Adobe lists several ways its Digital Publishing effort is paying off big time.

Adobe announced that its digital media push is paying off with serious momentum in its digital publishing products, additional HTML5 support, enhanced video and developer tools support.

Great read from @guardian -- Ebooks: the giant disruption

At some point the ebook will become the publishing market's primary engine. Authors will go digital-first and the most successful will land a traditional book deal with legacy publishers.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photographer builds twin-lens camera using Lego — and yes, it works

When most photography enthusiasts have a go at building their own camera, it usually consists of nothing more technical than a box with a tiny hole in it. A photographer from Norway, however, had a different idea....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flickr Can't Go Back To What It Once Was from @rww

Flickr will launch a major makeover in its quest to return to its once young and sexy past, according to reports from BetaBeat.
The new Flickr homepage will look more like the slick, image-only homepages of online visual pinboard Pinterest and photo-sharing appPixable. There will be little white space on the homepage. In the new version, photos will appear four times their current size. They will lie on the page, scattered about like puzzle pieces slipped together without overlap. Flickr is repositioning itself to look more like an app, which is right in line with Yahoo's"mobile first" strategy. But this is a Web-only photo community - and if Instagram is showing us anything, it's that the future of photography is in smartphones.

More on HP revenues--IPG contribution

"Revenues from our adjacent businesses, like commercial digital print, are doing quite well, but not developing fast enough to replace the revenues we’ve been losing."

Amazon Pulls Publishing Group's Titles Inc. has pulled from its Kindle e-book store nearly 5,000 titles distributed by a group representing more than 500 independent publishers following a dispute over terms.
Amazon stopped selling the Kindle titles Monday evening, said Mark Suchomel, president of the Independent Publishers Group, although it continues to sell the group's physical titles. Mr. Suchomel said the group had been negotiating for a new e-book contract with Amazon but that the retailer wanted more favorable terms.
"They decided that what they were getting last week is no longer good enough this week," said Mr. Suchomel.
He declined to be more specific. Publishing terms generally cover such areas as wholesale pricing, advertising, and payment requirements. In some e-book deals, publishers set the retail price but that isn't the case with the digital titles distributed by Independent Publishers Group, where Amazon sets the retail price.
A person familiar with the situation said that the terms offered to Amazon by Independent Publishers Group were not as favorable as terms available from rival book distributors. Mr. Suchomel said his terms are in line with those of his rivals.