Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Late summer update

Summer on the West Coast is winding down and that means that trade show/conference season can't be too far behind.  There has been a lot of churn about eBooks of late and I'm sure that will be a major point of discussion as we move into the fall.  At Blurb we've been busy with a new web-based creation tool that is in beta as well as a few new wrinkles that are upcoming.  Planning for capacity in the fourth quarter is always paramount to the Print Operations team and we're in great shape as we move into autumn.  Customers in France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have personalized services, pricing and shipping options.  All that and we're trying to get a bit of R&R in before the deluge hits.

Personally I'll be on the road in September and October at the Photography Book Now events in NYC and Seattle, Photokina in Cologne, PhotoPlus Expo in NYC and at the Interquest Forum 2010 de l’impression numérique de livres in Paris.  I love to get out and meet with suppliers and customers and it really gets me fired up for the end of the year.

Here's hoping your year has gone well and that I'll  see many of you during my travels.

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