Thursday, June 30, 2011

iPhone home screen land grab

I don't know why I so jealously select what apps will be on my iPhone4 home screen, but I do.  Some of the apps are legacy from when I got my original iPhone but most have evolved to the ones I either use most often or want to have quick access to.

Out of my 16 flexible home screen apps, three are photo related, three are social, one news, one sports, one retail, with the remaining basic reference apps.

I definitely use my iPhone as my primary camera and image capture device.  I seldom remove my old Canon Digital ELPH from my backpack unless I really want to have more flexibility, which is rare.  The Blurb Mobile app has been great for capturing short stories, including video and audio.

On the social side, Facebook's place of status is legacy--I seldom use Facebook.  Twitter is my primary method of communication to my business contacts and my feed is connected to my LinkedIn status, so I don't use the LI app either.  When I'm on the road I use the AIM app to keep the folks in the office close at hand.

When I have a few minutes to browse, I usually start with the NYTimes app, then on to ESPN, and finally to Google News via Safari.

I've gotten quite used to the all-Apple ecosystem, and our corporate Zimbra server is always synced with my apple Contacts, Calendar, Maps, and Mail.  Switching settings is something I do quite a bit, I use the world clock to make sure I'm aligned with my partners worldwide, and in Seattle or San Francisco keeping an eye on weather is always important.

I have tons of other apps that I use often that are relegated to back pages.  Moving something to my home page is a big deal, so when Blurb Mobile was released I had to move Alaska Airlines to a new "airlines" folder.  I'm still thinking what to move up once I dispatch Facebook to the nether regions.

I'm interested in what apps you have on your iPhone home screen. Send a screen grab and I'll do a follow up post later with some of the responses.

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