Thursday, October 20, 2011

Huge week at Blurb

I try not to be too much of a Blurb fanboy here on the print/ready blog, but there's a lot of pride about what our little company accomplished this week.  So please allow the shameless plug if you would as I wax about our latest releases.

Today we announced four new languages to add to our stable.  After this week's launch of Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish, we are now localized in seven tongues including French, German, and English. You can see the new sites at,,, and

We've also made a huge plunge into eBooks with our new iOS offering.  Anyone that has previously created a book using BookSmart or Bookify can now purchase and sell eBook versions that can be viewed on any Apple mobile device (iTouch, iPad, iPhone). You can see more about this cool offering at

Not to be outdone, our tried-and-true backbone authoring tool, BookSmart, has an upgrade as well.  Now you can create weekly planners, import seamlessly from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, along with a slew of little updates like improved spell-check, font management, UI enhancements, and new spreads.  Plus, you can now make books of 240 pages using our Premium or ProLine paper options, up from the previous 160.

Our upstart mobile group has an update as well, Blurb Mobile 1.4.  With it you can now export to video, take advantage of a new layout editor, as well as improved sharing.  You can get it now at

So, yeah, we're pretty proud.  And we hope all of our customers will like what we've done and keep coming back for more.

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Mario Bianco said...

hi bruce
i have a problem with blurb, hope you can help.
i live in italy and downloaded the italian booksmart software, but when proofreading it, it by default uses the italian dictionary, but my text is mainly in english.
how (if possible) can i proofread it using an english language dictionary?
thanks mario