Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm off balance.

I have too much stuff in my wallet. I'm off balance and it's not because I've got so much cash that I'm carrying around. It's that I have too much plastic. But for the life of me I can't cut back. I need help.

Here's my issue. I travel a bit for work and I don't like having stuff for home and stuff for on-the-road. I'd forget to substitute and end up missing something I really need. I already have a separate card holder for of my various affinity memberships that lives in my travel backpack. I'm talking about the stuff I really need.

So what's in there?
  1. Drivers license
  2. Primary credit card (AmEx Platinum--the frequent traveler's best friend)
  3. Secondary credit card (Alaska Airlines Visa--for places that don't take AmEx, and there are quite a few)
  4. HSA Visa (to administer my health savings account--used for all prescriptions and medical expenses)
  5. Corporate AmEx (for things like company entertainment and reoccurring charges)
  6. Seattle Public Library card
  7. Health club membership card
  8. Checking account debit card
  9. Petco Pals card (the tiny version)
  10. QFC grocery card (the tiny version)
  11. AAA card (I have a 1952 International pick-up and you ever know when it may decide to quit)
  12. Car2Go membership card (when you need it you've got to have it!)
  13. Zipcar zipcard (ditto as above)
  14. Voters registration card
  15. Health insurance card
  16. Prescription insurance card
  17. Dental insurance card
  18. Auto insurance card
  19. Arboretum Foundation membership card (for discounts at nurseries)
  20. Starbucks Gold card

So you see my problem. My back hurts even thinking about it. I've thought about weaning off a couple of the credit cards but where do you leave them? I already hide cards from Barney's NY, Nordstrom and Macy's and you know what? I never have them when need them so I always have the hassle of having the clerk look up my info.

OK, maybe take out the AAA card as long as I have my number in my phone. Voter's registration? Seems un-American to not carry it. And until places like Starbucks can consistently work via mobile app scanning I'm not comfortable going all digital. So do I live with the rear-pocket weight and bulk or is there a solution? I'm open to ideas but here is my requirement. I carry three things always. My keys, my iPhone5, my wallet. I don't want a fourth.

Suggestions encouraged.

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