Thursday, July 5, 2012

André J. Hermann's Street Photography, Hidden on the Street From @NYTimes

André J. Hermann wants his audience to pay for his photography books, not with their money, but with their time. He envisions a world where people go beyond Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere on the Web to view photographs.

Today, most photography begins and ends with digitization: a subject is photographed, the light is turned into digital information, and that information is put on the Internet. But Mr. Hermann wants to take that process a few steps further. His photography begins with those digitized moments and ends with a graspable object, fostering along the way a modest adventure.

For the past two months, he’s been taking his Instagram images, printing them, bundling them into books, and hiding them in nooks and crannies around San Francisco. He’s hidden 16 one-of-a-kind books, and he’ll hide four more over the next few weeks.

Every time he hides one, he posts a photo clue on his blog. So far, all but two have been found.

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