Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here’s why tablets (yes, tablets!) will replace the smartphone, From @KevinCTofel and @gigaom

I’m sure to get the “you’re off your rocker” commentary on this one, but I make a living by looking ahead in the world of mobile technology. And what I see now is a trend that I have watched build for nearly half a dozen years. Thanks to the pace of mobile-network expansion, new audio and video technologies, the expansion of Wi-Fi, and more-capable hardware that runs longer on a single charge, I expect the tablet to begin replacing the smartphone within the next half a dozen years. There, I said it.


Our dependence on mobile media consumption is growing.

Voice on a tablet isn’t as bad as you’d think.

The user interface is moving beyond pocketable screens.

Tablets can do the same things as smartphones, only better.

Naysayers are still judging based on today’s use cases, not tomorrow’s.

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