Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Self publishing in the current economy

As a start-up we certainly look carefully at all economic factors as we project growth 6-12-18 months out. So what are we seeing in our crystal ball? One of the primary things is with a people powered company like ours that allows people to market their products (in our case, books), consumers may actually be making MORE product as they look for new family revenue streams to offset higher prices, losses of jobs, or the interest in building up their nest eggs a bit.

Blurb is now in it's second full year of selling products to the general public. So this current downturn is our first experience into this type of economy. We will continue to create products our customers want but we also will continue to evolve our marketing tools made available to them so they can promote themselves and their books. We also believe that our strategy of offering great value for our customer's money will serve us well both in the consumer and professional marketplaces.

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