Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Digital colour is 'an opportunity' for book printers. From @printweek

Digital colour printing is an opportunity for book printers to win back work that is currently being offshored, according to speakers at last week's annual London Digital Book Printing Forum.
HP business manager Roger Stabler, who spoke at the event last Wednesday (20 June), said he was seeing "a lot more onshoring of colour", which could be driven by publishers recognising the cost of producing a book over its whole life-cycle, including storage and transportation, rather than just the print costs.
CPI UK head of digital Martin Collyer said that the printer, which launched its Quantum digital colour book line in May, was offering a small percentage of spot integrated-colour at "almost the same price as mono".
Collyer, who called the addition of colour a "game-changer", added: "In the age of e-books, differentiating and adding value are the challenges for publishers and with colour inkjet technology we can add both spot colour and full colour cost-effectively."

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