Friday, June 22, 2012

The Next Generation of Photo Book Lives and Breathes Online. From @rawfileblog

Nothing beats flipping through a big book of gorgeous photos printed on high-grade card stock, but The Bastards Book of Photography, released this week, shows that a completely digital existence has its advantages as well.

For starters, the book is published on the geeky blogging platform Octopress, which allows for a customizable structure; it’s kept in a repository on GitHub, an online version control system that allows anyone to make and submit changes; and its creator, Dan Nguyen, is assembling parts of the book, like the photo EXIF data, programmatically. Oh, and it’s also completely licensed as Creative Commons Non-Commercial.

“This is kind of a rough draft,” says Nguyen. “I just wanted to put something up while I continue to work on it.”

The text of the book offers clear and simple explanations of camera mechanics and purchasing advice for beginners with chapter titles like, “Why Even Buy a Camera?” and “Photography is for Anyone.” Nguyen’s own Creative Commons photos pulled from his Flickr feed demonstrate the topics he discusses, with the helpful EXIF data populated automatically on the page.

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