Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get PDF Books, Now at Blurb

If you’ve ordered a printed copy of one of your books recently, you’ve probably noticed we now offer a cool little add-on: A PDF version of your book. Now, any book, made with any of our tools, can also be converted to a convenient PDF. For those keeping score at home, Blurb now offers printed books, ebooks for the iPad, and PDFs for, well, just about every device.
Here’s why we think it’s so cool:
1)   Instantly yours: Order the PDF version along with your printed book and you’ll have something to enjoy while your book is printed and shipped to you.
2)   Nearly everywhere: Pretty much every device is configured to handle PDFs: computers, tablets, smart phones, and ereaders (like the Kindle 2).
3)   Saveable, shareable: Once you purchase your PDF, you can show it off on your tablet, share it with a cloud-based storage service (like Dropbox), put it on a flash drive, even make it downloadab­le from your website (great for business white papers).
Don’t want the PDF copy? That’s ok. Just remove it from your cart. You can always order it later. Keep in mind that these aren’t “soft proofs,” meaning they won’t contain crop marks and they’re only in screen resolution.
Want a PDF of a book you’ve already made? Just go to your bookstore page, select a book, and order the PDF. Once you do that you can sell your book as a PDF alongside your print book – just enable this in the sellers options on your Book Details page.

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