Friday, September 14, 2012

Just add media. New on your Blurb eBooks.

My followers can get an early look at two major enhancements to Blurb's eBook editor.  These new features are available on any Blurb book.

Internationalization: The ebook editor is now available in all our supported languages, marking the final piece in a fully localized ebook-creation experience.

Enhanced ebooks: Authors now have new ways to enrich their current stories or tell new ones, by adding audio, video and links to their ebooks. Many of our authors have captured audio and video as part of their photographic journeys, and they can now use these assets to provide greater depth to their stories.

To see an enhanced ebook, Laura Brunow Miner has taken her popular book, Eat Retreat and added time-lapse videos and audio interviews to showcase her gastronomical getaway.

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