Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blurb, The Custom Book Printing Startup, Is Tossing Its Hat Into The E-Book Ring. From @techcrunch

Blurb has had a good amount of success as a disruptive player in the “traditional” publishing space. The San Francisco-based company, which lets anyone write and publish a physical book at relatively affordable prices, has built a profitable business with more than 100 staff and more than a million paying customers since it launched to the public six years ago. But according to founder and CEOEileen Gittins, Blurb wants more.
Blurb is expanding into the e-book space this summer, gradually rolling out a software platform developed in-house that will allow people to create and distribute multimedia-enabled digital books. So why is Blurb going into an industry in which even huge, established publishing players havenotoriously had serious difficulties making money, when its own core business has already been doing so well? Gittins came by TechCrunch TV this past week to explain the strategy.
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