Friday, May 25, 2012

If e-books are so big, why are they marketed so badly? From @globeandmail

While print-book sales continue to slide, all measures seem to indicate that e-book sales will continue shooting skyward. Still, what is “good” for publishing is either unknown or simply being ignored. E-books – released alongside print editions, or as e-only books, or shorter forms like Kindle Singles – remain just outside the traditional books business, sharing Venn Diagram circles with the suspicious kingdoms of Apple, Google, Amazon (which makes the Kindle) and Indigo (which still sells books along with those candies and coffee mugs, and launched the e-reader Kobo). Simultaneously a corporate-driven, profit-maximizing threat and a big possibility for new sales strategies (and new kinds of authors and works), e-books are currently being marketed and promoted … badly.

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