Monday, March 19, 2012

Can Children’s eBooks Provide “A Quiet Bedtime Read”? from @wired

I’ve read stories off the iPad to children in kindergartens and childcare centers as part of my work. I’ve watched my own boys read ebooks on the iPad themselves. I’ve had many friends children read off the iPad, but my interest is whether these electronic devices can provide the “quiet read” at bedtime that I so valued as a child and that I enjoyed with my older children.
The reason I question it is because of the screen. No doubt, reading at other times the screen is fine and the interactivity offered up by ebook apps (when done well, and often it isn’t) provides further engagement. But, is that what I am looking for at bedtime? I know sometimes I’m rubbing my eyes from spending time in front of the iridescence of the screen at night. What impact might this have on the quiet bedtime read? Will the screen change it, the light glaring up at us, or is it like most of my technology concerns and something that won’t matter in the way I think it will?

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