Monday, March 19, 2012

More on the new iPad. Pixel-pumping prowess:@arstechnica reviews the third-generation iPad

An up-close comparison of text on an iPad 2 (top) and an iPad 3 "retina" display (bottom).
Another year, another iPad update. For its third shot at the tablet market, Apple borrowed an approach it pioneered with its longer-running series of iPhones: no radical redesign in consecutive years, just a solid upgrade. This year, the iPad looks nearly identical to its predecessor and carries a bit more weight in the belly, all in order to provide a high-resolution display, a better rear-facing camera, and LTE wireless support.
The screen, called a "retina" display because its individual pixels are said to be invisible to the human eye at normal viewing distances, is the main selling point over the iPad 2. Indeed, the upgraded internals (A5X processor, twice the memory, larger battery) exist largely to drive the beautiful display; overall performance remains on par with last year's iPad 2 otherwise.
Maybe that's why Apple never officially gave the third-generation iPad the name "iPad 3"—It's really more like "iPad 2 Premium Edition." But if you're up for spending the extra $100 over an iPad 2, what a nice Premium Edition it is.

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