Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So, what does "next" mean to you? Pre-#dscoop7 print/ready blog post

It started in Chicago last fall at GraphExpo.  And it was at a rally, at the top of the Navy Pier.  "The Campaign for Next", the theme of the 2012 Dscoop Annual Conference, began with an excitement, somewhat alcohol-fueled, of a political rally.  But in today's economy, how to run your printing business is nothing to be taken lightly.  And on this eve of Dscoop 7 I wanted to share a bit about what "next" means to me.

When I think of "next" I think of pick-up basketball.  Calling "next" equals the opportunity to challenge the winners of the current game.  It takes putting together a team of five people, sometimes those you don't even know, to become a cohesive unit quickly to challenge the status quo.

If you choose well and play your game you not only get the win but you get to keep playing.  And you stay on the floor through all of the "nexts" until a team beats you, you decide to quit, or the lights go out.

Sports analogies are rampant in business but I think this one holds water.  If you are ready to step up and take on the winners, if you have put together a team that works well together and completes each other, if you play your game, you get to keep playing.  And if you are good enough you get the call the shots of how long you play.

Team building begins tomorrow at the Gaylord National.  See you there.

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