Thursday, March 22, 2012

Self-Publishing: Why You Could Be the Next Stephen King. From @mashable

Let me tell you a secret: I published a story on Amazon. You can buy it and read it on your Kindle today. That makes me, I guess, a published author. There are lots of people like me bridging the gap between amateur writer and published author. This is the future of publishing: your story, an easy-to-use platform, and direct access to an audience that may be willing to pay.

Obviously, the simple fact that platforms like this exist — and Amazon’s is by no means the first self-publishing platform — is no guarantee of success. However the crucial difference between publish-and-self-distribute platforms of the past (like Lulu and Blurb) and Amazon’s is, well, that it’s Amazon. The online retailer has a potential audience of millions and millions of Kindle owners (who read Kindle books on eReaders, tablets, smartphones and PCs) just looking for the next great read. My silly little $.99 story is sitting in there waiting to be discovered.

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